Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Migraines and Twinkie

Twinkie's mom here.

Today I attempted to sleep off the effects of a migraine. Migraine time is, of course, entirely Twinkie Time. Captive audience you know.

Most of the time, she's not one to sit on my lap. But lay on the couch... I can hardly get settled before she's picking her favorite spot on ME.

She's fallen off me and the couch quite a few times. Usually a slow slide, followed by a hefty and surprised thump.

She usually starts out on her side, all stretched out.

Then starts the slow inevitable roll onto her back.

Luckily, she balanced herself well today. No sliding off.

All in all, when you're feeling crummy from either the migraine or the drugs, she's a pretty amusing little couch buddy.

Note: these photos are all taken with my camera phone. So not the best, but it was handy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Obligatory holiday lounge

Mom took this on the 4th of July. Cat independence day, when we rose up against our humans and... ah... took a nap?

Adventures in THE BAG

It all started when Gran'ma came over to play... Her massive foot scared me.

I was forced to seek cover in a paper bag.

It wasn't easy to get open, but I managed.

The evil old woman, angry about a birthday or something equally as silly, continued to harass me.

I was forced to retreat even further, because her feet were rather stinky.

And then jump out and disembowl her with my mighty fangs and talons.

I can't show that, however. Mom says this blog has RULES. Hmph. All that work gone to waste.