Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sometimes I dream of exercise...

Oh to be running and chasing a pack of feral wild mousies...

I can see them now burrowing in the blankies, hiding under every nook and cranny...

My mighty paw tearing them to shreds as I toss them about...

***ZZZZZzzzzzzzz snort snort zzzzzzzzz***

Did you want something? I'm daydreaming here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I am NOT 'chunky'

Today I weighed in at a Svelte 4.5 pounds.

Mom laughed at me and called me 'the fuzzy tater'.

I am NOT chunky! I am SVELTE!!

*pauses to look up SVELTE*

Well, maybe I am fluffy, but I am NOT a tater.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ode to the CPU

As I sit upon your vast heated expanse, I am reminded of a poem...

I hope you're writing this down.

Oh gloriously warm and comfy CPU, how I love you.
You are the bestest kitteh bed ever for you are forbidden.
And Warm.
And so close to Mom.
And Forbidden.
And you hum the hum of the warm snugglie kitteh faerie.
Scrunched in between wall and furniture -- perfection!
And you are... Forbidden.
So close to Mom, yet safe with so many dangly cords
She can't grab or chase or dare disturb.
And so Warm.
Just a touch and I have her attention.
And did I mention you are forbidden?

Is there anything better in life than doing something wrong and getting away with it?

Not if it involves sleep...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Serious Exhaustion Sets In

Can't keep my eyes open.

Is there anything better than a memory foam pillow?
If so... I can't remember.

Admirers from afar

I even have admirers who SEND me pictures of myself...

Visitors running amok!

Here's Katie holding me and Uncle Chris playing with a cell phone. Note the look of utter concentration on the phone. Hello! I'm over HERE.

I attempted to channel some of the 'dark side' stuff Auntie Stef talked about. Uncle Chris looks surprised at the results. Katie is easily under my spell.

FEEL the power of the nose... oh hey, you got some syrup there...

What the...?! That is NOT my best side. Can someone brush me, PLEASE? OMG - he is NOT going to kiss my head, is he?!

Auntie Janis, I know you understand... Please let me down before those other camera toting weirdos get me again.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life of a working kitteh

Yeah, it's a tough life working from home. Work work work on the computer all day long.

Doesn't mom know how to properly clean this thing?!?

The chair, it's always fighting me...

Although it's not half bad to stretch out on.

The desk is never clean.

Some days it's just easier to nap and ignore all that hard work.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Previous Pics of me

Here I am, hanging out with Mary at Don and Mary's. They had a cool room for me, but they seriously needed more toyage. More straws!

This was more training by Stef, New Years Eve Weekend. She said something about the 'art of evil cuteness' and stuff about 'following in Oreo's footsteps.'

Whoa. Was that the alarm? I have to get up WHEN?!?

Monday, January 11, 2010

In honor of the Kitteh before me...

Gotta honor your ancestors or they come back to haunt ya.

Oreo was one vicious feline and I am humbled and honored to snuggle on her favorite blankie. I only hope I can follow in her paw prints by bringing the proper feline carnage to those evil fuzzy mice mom throws about.

Victis honor!

Too fast for the cameras!

Getting a picture that's NOT one of the back of Twink's head or the side of her face is a study in frustration with my digital camera. For every 1 in focus pic I get, there's probably 10 where she's blurry, moved substantially, walked directly towards me and out of frame, etc.

My camera may be idiot proof, but it's certainly not kitten proof.

Twink's mom.

This ith a hard thpot to clean.

Oh god, that wasn't the camera flash, was it?

What? You said it was my pillow, didn't you? I thought we agreed - couch mine, floor mine, bed mine... well, yeah, it's all mine. You can have the car. I don't like that so much. No seat warmers.

Must... have... the... toy...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I have arrived!

Here's a snap of me chilling at Donald and Mary's. Nice guest room, though I didn't get the bed turned down when I liked. I'll have to speak to the maid service about that.

This is Stef giving me some instruction on the finer art of laser pen stalking. I wasn't aware that they were so difficult to catch.

This is my new mom -- can you tell she's already putty in my paw? I demand that she scratch me, and lo, she does... She has decent shoulder space, but she needs to keep that one arm up higher so I don't slide off on accident.

From this point on, I shall rule this house.