Sunday, September 25, 2011

Official Gravy Coalition

We, the official representatives of the gravy coalition, await breakfast.

Feed us. Now.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Chillin' on MY Futon

Hey there. Welcome to my futon.

Old Lady Twinkie - she's having her nap. I'm just chillin. Listen to music. Havin some kibble.

You can come by anytime. Bring some toys. Or gravy.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lazy Donut

Hmph. For a kitten who's suppose to be so active, he sure sleeps alot on my futon.

I did chase him around some earlier and tried a little wrestling, but the boy is no match for the linebacker princess.

I rule.

Bathroom Battle Royale

Mom's bathroom has been historically MINE. Ok, the whole house is mine, but Mom's bathroom is located next to the master bedroom, which is seriously mine, so therefore no kitten but ME should have access to said bathroom. It says so in my Contract of Total Kitty Dominance.

The fact he's parked next to MY counter. MY messy towel... inconceivable!

Perhaps if I glare at him really REALLY hard, he'll go away.

This doesn't seem to be working.

Ok, new tactic. Show belly. Then stupid Donut will come over to rub it like mom does and I will snare him in my steel claws... Come to me, my little idiot...

Hmm. Perhaps he has more than fluff between those ears. Somehow, he is ignoring the magical allure of the belly.

Stupid kitten. *shakes paw* I'll get you later. I'm tired now.

Moooooommmm, rub my belly.


It's all I could do to crawl up on mom's lap, after they were gone.

Even Donut could hardly move. He didn't budge from the hall rug.

Monday, September 12, 2011

More Donut

He's everywhere! No matter where I run, he's there...

On my Futon.

On my Futon even MORE.


On my COUCH.

On my VELVET Duvet.

OWNING my Couch.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Donut Arrives - he of the Large Paws

Krispy Cream - aka Donut my Butler arrived yesterday. Hrmph.

I was forced to remind everyone that some toys are MINE.

HEY - Hey wait! That's MINE!

No seriously, that's mine - oh hey, you have smells...

He looks too innocent. I think it's all an act.

I know for a fact he can't be so innocent. I never was.

The fluff for brains and soft meows -- all for show.

Maybe I should give him some of my kibble. He does look a little skinny...

Stupid Dress Up

I hate dress up. Apparently, granma loves it. Wee.

It's almost as painful to look at as it is to go through.

And this time HE was watching.