Friday, February 25, 2011

Bathroom Chaos!

What? I think Apocalypse Mousie must have been here. I certainly didn't do all this.

The Art of Fur

I enjoy gracing the house with my fur. There's an art to it. One can drop it everywhere, but I prefer to artistically place my stands where they look best. On the nice stuff.

Color contrasts are preferred, though texture difference can make quite a statement.

Note the subtle color difference, the grey strands against the red. And the texture difference, the cat fur against the mink.

I think I've done quite an exceptional job here and am ready to move on.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Assisting mom once again

What's my butt sitting on... Oh hey, painting supplies. Can I help?

You know if you REALLY loved me, you'd let me paint with gravy.

Oh sweet! Unprotected keys!

Now let's see, how do I use these...

Ok! Ok! I'm off the table. Sheesh. Saaaaayyyy

You're drawing my back? Pfft. And Apocalypse Mousie is WAY too small. And he needs to belch flames.