Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Memories of Gran'ma Visit II - The Lounge

While at Gran'mas, I worked hard to perfect my lounge. A kitten doesn't come up with the perfect lounge overnight, you know. There are rules, and innumerable forms to master. Kitten lounge katas are no easy thing. The stress of the entire subject can be very draining on a growing girl.

As you can see, I was FINALLY starting to feel my form a bit. Whiskers and paws relaxed, but the location was not the best for a full body lounge.

Ah, getting better, but my balance isn't very good here. Could get some neck strain.

Perfection. I have completed my kata and a proper nap now awaits. Carry on.

Memories of Gran'ma Visit I -- the Window

Gran'mas windows ROCKED.

There were OTHER KITTIES out there.

And Birds. And PEOPLE. And BUGS. GOT IT! GAH - it's outside!

I could watch here all day... oh wait, I did.

The Splendor of Fuzzy Robes

As part of the 'spa experience' it's a must to get yourself an ultra cush terry cloth robe.

They absorb water well, are good at attracting loose fur, and are oooooh so comfy warm.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Photo Shoot!

Auntie Stef sent me the pics from our official iPhone photo shoot!

Hey there - is this my good side? Where's my pre-payment treat? Did you read the rider?

No, seriously. Do you have something for me? I'm not kidding. Page 2, 3rd paragraph down after the iced bottled water and comfy blanket -- I'm suppose to get a fresh can of cat food prior to ALL picture shoots. Royal Canin only. On china. Gold rim.

Whoa. What is...BACON?

SNIFF SNIFF Oh YEAH... That stuff is almost as good as peanut butter...

It's not easy holding these poses. Can you hurry things up?

And time for my closeup

Are we through yet? My fur isn't as fresh looking.

Thank goodness. I'm exhausted. You can leave me now. Door's that way. Leave your offerings as you go.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post Recovery Chat

Hey there girlfriends. Mom finally let me out of the bedroom. I mean really. After the alien abduction, did she think I was going to run amok through the house and risk springing a gut? Hmph.

Auntie Stef came and visited me this weekend and provided much needed 'straw tossing' entertainment. However, she has not followed through and provided me copies of the pictures she took. All that posing for naught. Next time, I might consider biting a toe instead of looking (while still recovering, thank you very much) insanely cute and adorable.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm too sexy for my fur...

To humor me during my alien abduction recovery, mom took some head shots of me. I think my sisters Amy and Cobweb would be soooo jealous.

Dream on, sisters. I rock.

Alien Abduction!

Yes kittens, it finally happened to me. Alien Abduction. My mom dropped me off at the vet for a massage and manicure... and aliens stole me and removed delicate body parts best left unmentioned. At least that's what the vet said happened. It's all down in the police report.

Note the general look of exhaustion. It was tough. Really tough. Here you can see a bit of the shaving action - I'm too embarrassed to flop down and show it all. Girl's got to have some modesty, after all.

And the happy drugs mom put me on... lets just say I don't remember a whole lot about the incident. Although I've had an intense fascination with my own nose and I think I may have ate a stuffed mousie last night on accident.

Lesson to be learned fellow kittens?

Even your trusted vet can be attacked by aliens. Protect your soft squishy parts with fang and claw. And if you fail and the aliens get you... make sure your human gives you the cushiest bed in the house to sleep on. You're going to need it.