Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Photo Shoot!

Auntie Stef sent me the pics from our official iPhone photo shoot!

Hey there - is this my good side? Where's my pre-payment treat? Did you read the rider?

No, seriously. Do you have something for me? I'm not kidding. Page 2, 3rd paragraph down after the iced bottled water and comfy blanket -- I'm suppose to get a fresh can of cat food prior to ALL picture shoots. Royal Canin only. On china. Gold rim.

Whoa. What is...BACON?

SNIFF SNIFF Oh YEAH... That stuff is almost as good as peanut butter...

It's not easy holding these poses. Can you hurry things up?

And time for my closeup

Are we through yet? My fur isn't as fresh looking.

Thank goodness. I'm exhausted. You can leave me now. Door's that way. Leave your offerings as you go.

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