Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alien Abduction!

Yes kittens, it finally happened to me. Alien Abduction. My mom dropped me off at the vet for a massage and manicure... and aliens stole me and removed delicate body parts best left unmentioned. At least that's what the vet said happened. It's all down in the police report.

Note the general look of exhaustion. It was tough. Really tough. Here you can see a bit of the shaving action - I'm too embarrassed to flop down and show it all. Girl's got to have some modesty, after all.

And the happy drugs mom put me on... lets just say I don't remember a whole lot about the incident. Although I've had an intense fascination with my own nose and I think I may have ate a stuffed mousie last night on accident.

Lesson to be learned fellow kittens?

Even your trusted vet can be attacked by aliens. Protect your soft squishy parts with fang and claw. And if you fail and the aliens get you... make sure your human gives you the cushiest bed in the house to sleep on. You're going to need it.

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