Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Business

Oh it's been so busy. So busy I've been forced to nap an extra lot.

I gave Hum Bao the ick. Or maybe he gave it to me and I gave it back. Not sure. Don't care. I just got to laugh at him having to suck down the yucky pink stuff.

He clearly doesn't like it.

Me... I just napped even more and snickered. I did feel a LITTLE sorry for him and let him nap in my bread basket, though. He groveled. I felt mag - mag - eh - mag-nanerous?

Whatever mom said. Sounded like 'manga-naner-ous.' She said it was when I was kind to stupid grey boy kitties.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'll take a decaf, please!

Mom has the BEST coffee toys.

I like my espresso in cute little cups, with plenty of cream, and mousie crackers on the side. Preferably the cheese filled ones, so they squirt all over when you bite down on them.


Colds suck

Uhg. Was sick all week. Mom gave me this awful pink stuff. I had a fever and I lost weight. I didn't care when Hum Bao snuggled, even though he's a stinky little grey usurper.

Nor did I care that he always lay closest to mom. As long as I had the fuzzy blankie...

Feeling better now. Please let mom know to give me all the canned food I want, however. I might be feeling faint from lack of tuna...

Friday, January 6, 2012


It's the pirates life for me...

Meh, actually I just really love this blankie. No wonder Twinkie always has her big fuzzy butt on it.

Heh heh.

I said butt.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hum Bao

This house is mine.

Please take my keys and go get me some gravy.

And hurry up. I expect an ear massage before bed.

The Donut

Hey folks, the Donut here. Thought I'd let you know, I returned to the old birth place to have some things taken care of. Health issues, old lady Twinkie was stressing me out, that kind of thing.

So don't worry about me. Got some nice comfy chairs there and the aunties use to treat me just fine. And my REAL mom and dad know how to give all the right scritches.

Take good care of my half bro Hum Bao and don't let Twinkie teach him wrong. It took me weeks to figure out mama wasn't really putting kibble in the closet. Twinkie just kept closing the darn door on me when I'd go look for it.


Gotta get back to my nap now.

Things have been cornfusing...

First, Donut told me he was mad I suggested he get tutored and always took the best spot on the bed. He said he was going to become a world traveller an' he left... I was stunned. I mean, sure, he was annoying. Especially since he was beginning to play Barry White all the time, wear those gold chains, and say 'hey baby' in that cracking mew. But... I mean, he grows on you. And he knew to respect my claws.

Then to make things worse, mom brings back this grey thing. She called him a Hum Bao, but said I can't eat him.

He is deceptively cute, but I pointed out that our initial agreement was that I was the only cute blue thing in the house. She then pointed out that technically I am Blue Cream. *hrmph*

He tries too often to get close to me. He doesn't understand personal box space.

Nor that all boxes are MINE until I tire of them. Then they are Donuts. Hum Bao... the little bun has messed up the pecking order.

He takes my boxes.

At least I got my feather back.

Whatever am I going to do?! He runs around like a little hellion! It took me months to train Donut. Months!

He doesn't even understand this is MY KITTY TREE!

You WILL bow down before me, little Hum Bao...