Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trying a new blog

My tiny little paws have a hard time working the big keyboard. It's annoying.

From the comfort of my Trader Joes's bag, I can post pics, though. I've been trying:

Check it out if there's no pics here. Mom is often too lazy to post to both.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Almost July!

Bao and I hung around the house today. I even let him share my current fav grocery bag. I look so damn good on black and red.

Which means of course, I had to boot him off so I could get my own quality time on it.

He was ok with it. I let him have mom's stinky shoes for awhile. He was in 7th heaven. Or unconscious. Not sure which.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This is my baby

This is my baby, Tub-tub or Tubbalina.

I think she's got her mama's eyes, don't you?

Hey - you're not making fun of my little girl, are you?!

That's ok, Tub-Tub. I'll teach you how to gut them when they sleep, my little princess... *purr*

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mistress of Shoes

I am Twinkie, Mistress of Shoes!

I can GAME!

Seriously mama, I know I can game like Twinkie!  Twinkie's all muscle, no style. I know how to look good and kill stuff.

Just let me catch that mousie on screen...  

I bet it tastes like chicken...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Exhausted after the vet!

Well, I guess Twinkie didn't REALLY poke my eye out. It felt like it though!

Vet put some gunk in my eye, but she talked nice. She was putty in my paw.

I deserve this nap.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I will not be outdone!

I am FAR PRETTIER than Hum Bao!

I can flip and dangle paw with the best of them!

Note the utterly relaxed body language and outstretched back paw. I'm an old pro at this.

Not even a camera flash will disturb me.

Or mom getting WAAAY to close with her @#$# camera phone.

Now see? I go into classic head twist belly flash.
'Bao does NOT have enough belly to do this properly.

I know enough NOT to cover my eyes with my paws.

REACHING.... feel the BURN... take the pictures, I'm tiring out...

Seriously, are you done yet? Geez.

Done or not, I'm taking a nap. Good day to you.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Personal Photo Shoot

Twinkie says I need to start working on my portfolio. If anyone is gonna take me serious as a cabana cat, I have to have a portfolio.

Sigh. This is a lot of work.

I can try the roll and show a bit of tummy look. Girls dig the whole winking eye thing.

See? One eye closed. Twinkie said to 'reach for the camera' tho...

This right? I get extra kibble for this, don't I?

I'm too sexy for my furs...

After the shoot, kickin' back in da chair on MY fur with Twinkie. I let her have the softer spot. She's old.

Life is good. Wake us when the canned food comes out, will you?

Friday, May 25, 2012



Well, MAYBE it's ok. As long as he stays BEHIND me. No touching.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is MY chair

I claim it for I am the mighty BAO, lord of Fang and Talon.

It makes my eyes look extra pretty.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Lounging in the Spring Sun

Ahhhh... the sun is out, mama is FINALLY awake, and delicious canned food must soon be on the menu....

You ARE going to go heat up some food for me, aren't you? And put some mint on the dish. I like that. And Bacon.

Why are you staring at my tummy? Is my fur mussed?

Bao is being extremely lazy.

He says it's because he's still 'recovering' from his being bludgeoned by the toof fey, but I think he's just lazy.

I lounge. He's just LAZY.

Note the utter lack of concern that he's being photographed sleeping on MY chair. He should be worried that I'm going to whup his fuzzy gray butt.

After din-din.
A girl needs her energy.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Recovering at Gamma's

Hey all!

Despite what Twinkie says, I'm ok. I went to the country vet and had some toofs pulled. Gamma saved them in a little jar so I can show them off.

The accomodations here are tight, but luxurious... good thing my butt isn't as fat as Twinkie! *snort snort snort* I said butt...

I'm not complaining, however. Soft food every few hours. Massages. Yucky tasting but wonderfully mind altering stuff squirted in my mouth. The mousies are always WAY more fun after that.

Life is pretty good.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I can game too!

I'm not too big to help game, mama! I can work the mouse for you. Honest!

But a small snack - mousie, bacon, cheeseburger - might help with my concentration...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Donuts last goobye

Twinkie's mom here.

I got an email from the breeders last night that said Donut passed away. He'd been healthy and playing fine - was scoping out an empty salad bowl after dinner (playing with the leftover carrot shreds) and fell over into it. He apparently had a massive heart attack and died almost instantly.

She said it was at least quick, her and her husband were both there and got to hold him, and he'd been healthy and happy up until it hit. They were pretty surprised, but glad that if it had to happen, it at least went that quickly.

Twinkie and I had a good cry over it last night.

So have a drink in honor of the Donut - the little guy was a real sweetheart.

Friday, March 2, 2012


We're not really napping together.

It's just your imagination.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is NOT what the dish mat is for...

But mama, I'm drying off from 'sink diving'!

Cute Fat Kitteh Lessons Available!

If you give me bacon wrapped mousies, I will teach your kitties to be good kitties and to be nice to everyone and fat and lazy like a proper kitteh... honest...

The cost is a measely one dozen bacon wrapped mousies, pre-paid.

I only take real bacon mousies, no turkey bacon, no visa or mousetercard.

You too can have a fat furry tummy to pet. Send your mousies now!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bedtime with Bao-zo

The kid just doesn't know when to leave me alone. 'Auntie' this and 'Auntie' that. Sheesh. Does he think I don't NOTICE he's constantly scooting closer to me?!

Thankfully, he's even more of a camera ham - er - camera aware as I am. Though I still think he's photogentically challenged. Granma calls him 'pointy head'.

I don't do it to his face, 'cause it makes him cry. See how sad he looks? It's cause Granma called him POINTY HEAD.

And the boy just can't resist walking up to mom to rat on me calling him names after she only snaps one or two pictures... poor unphotogentic boy...


*tsk tsk* He's never going to make money at modeling if he can't stay still and look pretty.

Head down, big eyes up, puff cheeks out. It's not rocket science, kid.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Computer time is BAO time

Hum Bao now thinks computer time is HIS time. Just because I'm busy making my morning espresso, HE thinks he can take MY LAP! HRMPH!

He doesn't even know what game he's playing! Every once in awhile he just yells TOUCHDOWN and attacks the screen... *sigh*

Seriously, he's an embarrassment to gamer kitties everywhere. *sip*

I'll boot him when I'm done. He does look kinda cute there I guess. Mom must need the warmth more than the assistance...