Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bedtime with Bao-zo

The kid just doesn't know when to leave me alone. 'Auntie' this and 'Auntie' that. Sheesh. Does he think I don't NOTICE he's constantly scooting closer to me?!

Thankfully, he's even more of a camera ham - er - camera aware as I am. Though I still think he's photogentically challenged. Granma calls him 'pointy head'.

I don't do it to his face, 'cause it makes him cry. See how sad he looks? It's cause Granma called him POINTY HEAD.

And the boy just can't resist walking up to mom to rat on me calling him names after she only snaps one or two pictures... poor unphotogentic boy...


*tsk tsk* He's never going to make money at modeling if he can't stay still and look pretty.

Head down, big eyes up, puff cheeks out. It's not rocket science, kid.

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