Monday, October 25, 2010

Katie and Me

Katie, Janis, and Chris came to visit me on sunday! They provided much toy playing and Katie, good human that she is, gave me a proper greeting at MY level.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin

Mom said she was setting up a photo shoot today. Sweet. Hey - you're going to do what with this?

No freakin' way. I am NOT putting up with this --

I am so going to rip that jewelry off your cold, dead hands grandma...

This is utterly humiliating. I want a lawyer. Quit laughing. You might have to wear a velco tummy extension one day to make your outfits fit too.

WHOA - That's not another outfit for ME is it?

Oh to be outside...

I long to snuffle what is outside this window, up close... sink my fangs into the bugs... catch the birdies... scare the kids...



Back when I was a wee little kitten, I'd not even been here a month, mom took pictures of me laying on top of her CPU. Wasn't I a cute, fluffy little thing?

Now... I'm pretty sure she must have switched the CPU on me or something. Maybe they shrink when they get older. Sure, I'm more 'mature', but I can't possibly be THAT much bigger. My fur still fits...

I think she plays some pretty cruel jokes on me. Certainly this CPU is obsolete and it's time to get a larger and more comfy one.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Twinkie the Helper

I have become a most excellent helper. Not only can I paint, but I assist mom when she's working at the computer.

You'll note the chair leg wheelie thingy near my head. She had to work to sit there, not roll over me, and get that shot. It's good for her.

I find many good pieces of so called 'junk' and shove them on the floor to lay on. Mom huffs and grumbles, but if I lay on it long enough, she seems to thing I'm attached to it.

Stupid humans. I am just training her. These CD cases are hard as rocks. Although the shoes aren't bad.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Art Time with Twinkie, master painter

Hey everyone. I bet you didn't know that besides being the sister of a supermodel, I am also a budding artist. Like my paints?

While mom tries to paint, she admittedly doesn't know what she's doing. I am the true master in the house (in all things.)

The sooner she learns this, the better.