Monday, February 22, 2010

Once again, work is boring

I have no idea why mom is working this afternoon. This is MY day and MY time. Seriously. What's a kitten to do? I have to have my beauty sleep and she's gone and messed it all up by not providing quality afternoon couch/nap time.

This isn't terribly comfortable and the keyboard smells like (sniff sniff) stale popcorn. Mmmm. Popcorn. Zzzzzzzz.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Potato Shape?

Mom seems to think I have the aerodynamics of a potato. I am inclined to disagree. I am more football shaped, which means, if I gain the proper velocity and spin, I rather elegantly launch through the air at my intended target.

She claims I tend to fly low and 'thump' into things. This is highly insulting.
I must nap on it, and consider the depth of my retaliation.

Sunny Days = Nirvana

Mom says days like this happen sometimes in Oregon. It scared me at first. But the sunlight is ooooh so warm and inviting...

They should do this more often. I'll put a work order in for it.

Gaming Kitteh

I don't understand why mom likes this computer so much. It's either work work work or play play play. True, the sounds of hacking and slashing are rather exciting... but try as I might, she never lets ME kill anything.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Twinkie - Personal Assistant

Today, mom tried to work from home while the Ant Men sprayed toxins in my favorite bathroom. so of course, I deemed myself her backup assistant. Literally.

This became boring eventually, as she never let me type anything, so I was forced to amuse myself with what was available.

Eventually she relented and gave me control of everything.

It's about time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl madness = Nappy Time

I don't get what the big deal was. Football is boring. It's just another reason to sleep. And if mom's going to lie on the couch, I get to lie on her, right?

She did annoyingly get up a few times, so she smartly placed me on my proper spot on the back of the couch. After all, I couldn't be bothered with repositioning myself. It's not my problem she had to get up.

What - are you surprised that all I do is lay around?

Hey, believe me, it's not easy to keep this football shape. A kitten's gotta work at it.

Bath Time Holocaust

Today I learned that when one jumps down from the counter, it's best to jump to the FLOOR not the edge of the TUB when Mom is taking a bath.

Claws don't get much of a grip on fiberglass - just make a scary SCRATCHY SCRATCHY SCRATHY sound before you slip into the water.

Mom says she swears I screamed.

I don't remember that. I was too busy escaping.

Thank god the camera was charging, out of reach, and she was too busy laughing and mopping up the water trail to deal with such insulting things like photographs.

I'd rather not remember it, thank you very much.

Friday, February 5, 2010

See, I do things other than sleep...

Mom continues to fight against the persistent rumor that all I do is sleep. Seriously. Just because a kitten likes to lounge. I do enjoy a quick romp around the living room and good toe-nomming. Keeps mom - er - on her toes.

And no. I am not chunky, husky, or big boned. 'Football shaped' is considered quite elegant and expected for my breed, especially at my tender age. I am not fat. I am substantial.

If you listen very very carefully, you might hear me talking, but mom's kinda loud and nasally right now, so it's hard to hear anything over her.