Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lounging Around Da House

This is MY new Kitty Tree, from Granma! MINE MINE MINE!!
Donut is not allowed on the top shelf - he's too young and stoopid. He might fall off.

And it's MINE. So what I say goes.

Although I will allow him - sometimes - to sleep in MY bread basket. The Costco box isn't too bad since mom put the memory foam pillow in it. *purr*

Santa brought me Testa-roni!

Aunt Twinkie won't have anything to do with me 'cause she's jealous! Santa brought me Testa-roni! I smell like a REAL cat now!

Aunt Twinkie says I make her litter box STINK so she won't have anything to do with me *sigh*.

That's ok. That just means I get all the best loungy places in the house an' she runs the other way, holding her nose.

Stupid Twinkie.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lap Time!

Mom home sick = I gets me tons of lap time.

Here mom. Let me hug you...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nap Attack!

Mom has been home all day, feeling uber crappy. She even kicked us out of MY BEDROOM. I say mine, because Donut is only a temporary renter as far I'm concerned.


We were forced to nap in the computer room until she came out to give us snackies.

Hoomans shouldn't be allowed to sleep all day. They can't cater to us then.

Sure, the table by the window is comfy and warm, but where are THE TREATS?!? The BRUSHINGS? Good god, where is my MOUSIE?!?