Monday, May 7, 2012

Lounging in the Spring Sun

Ahhhh... the sun is out, mama is FINALLY awake, and delicious canned food must soon be on the menu....

You ARE going to go heat up some food for me, aren't you? And put some mint on the dish. I like that. And Bacon.

Why are you staring at my tummy? Is my fur mussed?

Bao is being extremely lazy.

He says it's because he's still 'recovering' from his being bludgeoned by the toof fey, but I think he's just lazy.

I lounge. He's just LAZY.

Note the utter lack of concern that he's being photographed sleeping on MY chair. He should be worried that I'm going to whup his fuzzy gray butt.

After din-din.
A girl needs her energy.

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