Monday, January 2, 2012

Things have been cornfusing...

First, Donut told me he was mad I suggested he get tutored and always took the best spot on the bed. He said he was going to become a world traveller an' he left... I was stunned. I mean, sure, he was annoying. Especially since he was beginning to play Barry White all the time, wear those gold chains, and say 'hey baby' in that cracking mew. But... I mean, he grows on you. And he knew to respect my claws.

Then to make things worse, mom brings back this grey thing. She called him a Hum Bao, but said I can't eat him.

He is deceptively cute, but I pointed out that our initial agreement was that I was the only cute blue thing in the house. She then pointed out that technically I am Blue Cream. *hrmph*

He tries too often to get close to me. He doesn't understand personal box space.

Nor that all boxes are MINE until I tire of them. Then they are Donuts. Hum Bao... the little bun has messed up the pecking order.

He takes my boxes.

At least I got my feather back.

Whatever am I going to do?! He runs around like a little hellion! It took me months to train Donut. Months!

He doesn't even understand this is MY KITTY TREE!

You WILL bow down before me, little Hum Bao...


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