Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bathroom Battle Royale

Mom's bathroom has been historically MINE. Ok, the whole house is mine, but Mom's bathroom is located next to the master bedroom, which is seriously mine, so therefore no kitten but ME should have access to said bathroom. It says so in my Contract of Total Kitty Dominance.

The fact he's parked next to MY counter. MY messy towel... inconceivable!

Perhaps if I glare at him really REALLY hard, he'll go away.

This doesn't seem to be working.

Ok, new tactic. Show belly. Then stupid Donut will come over to rub it like mom does and I will snare him in my steel claws... Come to me, my little idiot...

Hmm. Perhaps he has more than fluff between those ears. Somehow, he is ignoring the magical allure of the belly.

Stupid kitten. *shakes paw* I'll get you later. I'm tired now.

Moooooommmm, rub my belly.

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