Monday, January 11, 2010

Too fast for the cameras!

Getting a picture that's NOT one of the back of Twink's head or the side of her face is a study in frustration with my digital camera. For every 1 in focus pic I get, there's probably 10 where she's blurry, moved substantially, walked directly towards me and out of frame, etc.

My camera may be idiot proof, but it's certainly not kitten proof.

Twink's mom.

This ith a hard thpot to clean.

Oh god, that wasn't the camera flash, was it?

What? You said it was my pillow, didn't you? I thought we agreed - couch mine, floor mine, bed mine... well, yeah, it's all mine. You can have the car. I don't like that so much. No seat warmers.

Must... have... the... toy...

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