Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All Hail my Impending Arrival!

All Hail my Impending Arrival! Fear me, for soon I shall be enscounced within my new domain, ready to wreck havoc and let loose the dogs of... no, wait. That was the previous feline.



For those of you who aren't aware, my parentage is from the finest of kittehs. My father's name is Potterkatz Hagrid of Castlkatz and my mother's name is Castlkatz Miss Helga Hufflepuff. Hagrid and Helga, as it were.

Hmm. You'd think they would have named me Gretta or something more... substantial. At least streudel, for god's sake.

Well, in any case, be forwarned. I am coming. Hear me roar.


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