Friday, August 19, 2011


I enjoy laying next to shakespeare and absorbing the dust and words. Mom says it doesn't work, but I swear it does. It edumucates me.

Oh hey, can you get a profile for the portfolio?

Thanks. I been working on my modeling again. If I'm gonna pay for that Butler, I'm gonna need more kibble. I wonder if she has any extra stashed around here...

Mama doesn't see the dust back here because it's kinda dark. She makes funny little noises when she sees it in pictures. Which is odd, because I thought she must LIKE dust. Anyway, I like getting back here mostly because I'm darned hard to REMOVE.

Who would want to move me, anyway? Ooh - maybe I could get higher...

Nah. All this rooting around has me exhausted. This is also a PRIMO nap spot. Leaves the hindquarters a bit exposed... but fun cords to play with and she can't see me.

Oh hey, mom, you didn't hear that, ok? Go back to playing your game.

Yawn... you still here? This is the 'alternate' sleep position. Perfect spot for easy head scritches, but can be in danger of getting pulled off the computer table. Too tired to move now...zzzzz....

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